Whole Steps & half steps Theory Things   William Wieland
half step () the smallest interval (pitch distance) on a piano, e.g. C to C sharp (adjacent keys)
Whole Step (W) 2 half steps, e.g. C to D
Where are the half steps?
Major 5-finger Pattern:W W W3-4
Major Scale:W W W W W 3-47-8           
Minor 5-finger Pattern:W W W2-3
Natural Minor Scale:W W W W W2-3 5-6
Harmonic Minor Scale:W W W 1 2-3 5-6 7-8
Melodic Minor Scale:
Ascending:W W W W W 2-37-8
Descending:See natural minor.
Whole Tone Scale:W W W ... (all whole steps)NowhereOnly 2 whole tone scales exist.
Chromatic Scale: ... (all half steps)EverywhereOnly 1 chromatic scale exists.