2-handed Tapping MUS 110 Schedule   William Wieland
  • For each rhythm, tap the upper part with your right hand and the lower part with your left hand—just like piano music.
  • To better hear the individual parts, tap one hand on a hard surface, the other on something soft.
  • Perform slowly and keep a steady tempo. (Perform with a metronome. Many are available online including: Online Metronome.)
  • Do not pause, stop or restart.
  • Please do not count aloud.
Begin with the top link. Master it and move on.

Q   Quarter Notes and Quarter Rests — In your head, count  1, 2, ...
B   Beats — In your head, count  1, 2, ...

e   First Eighths — In your head, count  1, &, 2, &, ...
E   Eighth Notes

c   First Compound — In your head, count  1, 2, 3,  4, 5, 6, ...
C   Compound Meter

d   First Dotted Quarters and Syncopations
D   Dotted Quarters and Syncopations

If you have demonstrated competence with all of the rhythms
listed above, you may begin MUS 111 2-handed Tapping.
MUS 110 Grading Rubric
Scorecompetent at
65QB e
75QB eE
80QB eE c
90QB eE cC
95QB eE cC d
100QB eE cC dD
For me, competency means very few or no mistakes, e.g. a 4-bar phrase may have one careless mistake. If a performance is of questionable quality, you will perform that level again later in the semester to earn full credit.