Simple Rhythms (if the beat is the quarter note) International Names Theory Things   William Wieland
Eighth Note:   ( beat)
Quarter Note:   (1 beat)
Dotted Quarter Note:   (1 beats)  (a dot adds the original value)
Half Note:   (2 beats)
Dotted Half Note:   (3 beats)(a dot adds the original value)
Whole Note: 
  (4 beats)
Rhythm Tree
Eighth Rest: ( beat of rest)
Quarter Rest: (1 beat of rest)
Half Rest: (2 beats of rest)  (Half is a hat.)

Whole Rest:   (1 measure of rest)  (2 beats in 2/4 time, 3 beats in 3/4 time, 4 beats in 4/4 time, etc.) offers several excellent explanations: