MUS 715   AnalysisAnalysis Grading RubricWilliam Wieland
  1. Proposal — Choose one of the analysis options from the following list:
    1. Analyze Anton Bruckner's Ave Maria. Recordings are widely available online.
    2. Analyze Gustav Holst's Second Suite for Military Band in F major (Condensed Score). Recordings and a handwritten score can be found at imslp.
    3. Analyze Saint-SaŽns' Carnival of the Animals with a focus on one or more of the movements. Again, you can find numerous online recordings.
    4. Create 5 days of lesson plans that guide students through an anaylsis of some portion of Saint-SaŽns' Carnival of the Animals. You choose the grade level of your target class. As an example, Mallory Scott created Nutcracker Lesson Plans for elementary music students.

  2. First Draft — Listen to the music repeatedly. You will undoubtedly hear things you will not see. Your ear knows. Submit the following items in the D2L Dropbox "Analysis 1st Draft":
    • at least 3 elucidative graphics (diagrams, tables, graphs, and/or arch maps) — Describe the music using graphics we studied this semester.
    • 3Ė5 pages of analysis — Interpret what you have described. Tell how or why your piece of music works and, by extension, how it might have been composed or how it might be performed, heard or taught. This Music Analysis Writing Guide might prove helpful.

  3. Second Draft — Listen to the music again. Submit all revised items in the D2L Dropbox "Analysis 2nd Draft". Please act upon my recommendations for the first draft and read Writing a Readable Analysis Paper and Examples of Really Good Analysis Writing from the San Francisco Conservatory Department of Musicianship and Music Theory for more ideas. Finally, the Internet offers much excellent writing advice, e.g. Of Time and the Pig. You might search "essay writing".

  4. Final Draft — Listen once more. Submit your polished analysis in the D2L Dropbox "Analysis Final Draft". Please act upon my recommendations for the second draft. Though content is most important, I expect succinct writing, proper grammar, and correct spelling. Place this document in your MME Capstone Portfolio as well.