Music Fundamentals Theory Things   William Wieland
Music Fundamentals I   Choose
1. Identify Treble and Bass Clef Pitches.
2. Write Chromatic Scales.
3. Complete measures which use Simple Rhythms.
4. Write C sharp and C flat Major Key Signatures.
5. Write Intervals (Numerical Size Only).
6. Write Major Triads.   NOT
Music Fundamentals II   Choose
1. Identify Alto and Tenor Clef Pitches.   Accidentals
2. Write Major Scales.   NOT
3. Complete bars that use Compound and Irregular meters.
4. Write Major Key Signatures.   Handy Guide
5. Write minor triads.
6. Illustrate the Circle of 5ths.   Circle of Tolkien  
Music Fundamentals III   Choose
1. Write Enharmonic Equivalents.
2. Write Pentatonic & Whole Tone Scales.
3. Provide Time Signatures.   Rhythm Notation
4. Write Minor Key Signatures.   Handy Guide
5. To write intervals, memorize the following:
6. Write diminished triads & Augmented Triads.
Music Fundamentals IV   Choose
1. Write Natural Minor Scales & Harmonic Minor Scales.
2. Motivic Transformation
3. Name Closely Related Keys.   (30 Examples)
4. Intervals w/o Accidentals   Interval I.D.: No Accidentals
5. Write Dominant Seventh Chords.   Sevenths
Music Fundamentals V   Choose
1. Write Melodic Minor Scales.
2. Rhythm Writing
3. Identify pitches given Scale Degree Names.
4. Transpose.   Interval Identification Drill
5. Realize Figured Bass.   More
Music Fundamentals VI   Choose
1. Write Modes.   Modes made Easy
2. Rhythm Writing 2   Example   Another
3. Identify Scale Degree Names given pitches.
4. Transposing Instruments (Bb tpt, Bb cl, sop sax, horn, eng horn, alto sax)
5. Figured Bass for Seventh Chords   Abbreviations

MUS 110 Basic Music Theory I Grading Scale
19 Fund. I 100% Correct 
37 Fund. I & II 100% Correct
55 Fund. IIII 100% Correct
70 Fund. IIV 100% Correct
85 Fund. IV 100% Correct
100 Fund. IVI 100% Correct
(3 points per numbered item + 1 free point) 
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Music Fundamentals quizzes and second chances will be offered on Fridays. You must score 100% on Music Fundamentals I to pass MUS 110.