Due June 5 Syllabus   MUS 716 At a Glance   William Wieland
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 D2L (Discuss, Dropbox, Grades)
  • Substantial Technology Project (1 hour per day) E-mail your topic to William.Wieland@northern.edu including measurable goals and activities. In other words, tell me what you will do to earn an A for this assignment. (I am giving you freedom along with responsibility.)
  • Technology Presentation Continue thinking of a topic. If you already have an idea, e-mail it to William.Wieland@northern.edu
  • D2L Dropbox
    • Technology I Have Create a set of "How To" instructions for yourself, your colleagues or your students, e.g. To scan music with Finale 2012 or To record a CD with the Roland CD-2. When we first learn technology or when we seldom use technology, it is easy to forget even simple procedures. I have found short instruction sheets to be invaluable time-savers for myself and for others. Test by asking someone else to follow your directions. For worthy topics, consider the technology you have as well as your project, your presentation or any of our class assignments. Place your instructions in the D2L Dropbox "How To #1". (You will eventually create 3 of these.)
    • MuseScore Opening an existing MIDI file with your notation software is a great time-saver. Click Classical Archives. Under "BACH, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750); Ger." and "Orchestral Suite No.3 in D, BWV1068", click "2.Air (on the G String)" Save the file to your computer desktop where it will be easy to find. Open MuseScore. Open the MIDI file with MuseScore. Press play. Isn't it lovely?
      1. Right-click on an empty part of the measure and choose Staff Properties...
      2. Click on Change Instrument.
      3. Choose your new instrument and click OK to return to the Staff Properties dialog.
      4. Click OK again to return to the score.
      Change a few more instruments. Save and place it in the D2L Dropbox "MIDI to MuseScore". (MuseScore Handbook)
    • Audacity Record a bit of yourself speaking or singing. At Selecting Audio, read "Selecting regions using the mouse ". Next, apply Noise Reduction to the last half of your short recording. Save the file and place it in the D2L Dropbox "Remove Noise". (Audacity Manual)
  • Final Exam
    • Read Music Notation Software. For the final exam, remember the principal music notation programs.
    • To prepare for the final exam, read Introduction to Audio (5 webpages). Remember the following terms: Wavelength, Amplitude, Frequency, Transducer (Microphone & Speaker) and Amplifier.
    • Peruse
      • If you work with jazz or pop music, Band-in-a-Box is a fabulous program. To prepare for simple questions about this program on the final exam, watch the "What is Band-in-a-Box for Windows?" or "What is Band-in-a-Box for Mac?" video near the bottom of the Band-in-a-Box webpage. If you are an experienced user, enjoy one or more of the other videos.
      • Many band directors praise SmartMusic and my middle-school-aged kids loved practicing with it. To prepare for simple questions on the final, click on the Educators tab and scroll down a bit to watch a video at SmartMusic.
    • Read Technology Tips. For the final exam, remember "Save often.", "Make backups." and "KISS".
    • Videos! Watch the videos listed at Electronic Instruments a short history through YouTube to prepare for the final exam.
  • D2L Discuss (Be brief.)
    • Countless apps are useful for educators. Visit The Epic BYOD Toolchest. Please share your favorite(s) from past experience or one you discovered recently at D2L Discuss "Apps for Educators". You will read your classmates' posts next week.
    • Read last week's D2L Discuss "Learn Efficiently" posts. Reply to at least two.