My Calisthenics Routine Family   William Wieland
  • No equipment but a carpeted floor
    and a staircase
  • Aerobic, but not jarring
  • Strength building, but not straining
  • I was out of shape.
  • I was inspired by an old man.
  • Exercise greatly improves overall
    health, perhaps more than diet.
Begin each exercise gently. Frequently sip water. Maintain a light core contraction on all.

Jumping Jacks — 34 (good warm-up)
Keep a steady rhythm and straight limbs.

Swim on Back — 34 R & L
Arms straight. Crawl position legs. Maintain a neutral spine (no twisting) and a light core contraction.

Mountain Climbers — 13 R & L (mildly aerobic)
Begin like push-ups with one foot below your groin. Keep your hands on the floor and jump up to switch the position of your feet.

Stick-em-up Squats — 21
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms in stick-em-up position. Squat to a sitting position, the knees never forward of the toes. Return to the starting position. Maintain a light core contraction.

Stairway Push-ups — 34 on 5th step
Feet together, hands apart, toes on floor, straight back, straight legs, straight neck. Almost touch the stairs on each repetition.

Side Leg Lift — 21 R & 21 L
Lay on side, feet slightly back, legs straight, back straight. Support head with hand of lower arm. Lift upper leg. Keep foot parallel with floor. Other arm is a kickstand, palm down in front of chest.

March in Place — 34 R & L
Move arms like "Swim on Back".

Plank — 13
Lay on belly. Prop up on elbows. Lift hips until legs and back are straight. Hold briefly then lower to floor.

Side Plank — 8 R & 8 L

Lunges — 13 R & L
Stand with hands almost covering ears. Lunge forward to a genuflecting position, knee almost touching the ground and arms hanging at your sides. Return to the starting position and lunge with the other leg.

Leg Lifts — 21
Lay on back. Lift straight legs about 6 inches, spread them apart, bring them back together and down. At the same time, straight arms begin on the floor in a T position and meet above the chest.

Ones and Twos — 13 (mildly aerobic)
Begin like push-ups. Keep hands on floor and jump to a squat position. Jump back to a push-up position.

Backwards Stairway Push-ups — 21
Sit at the foot of the staircase. Stretch your legs straight out, heels together. Place your hands on the first stair and lift yourself. Almost touch the floor on each repetition.

Side Lunges — 13 R & L
Stand with arms hanging at sides. Lunge to the side (not too far) and lift arms straight horizontally. Return to the starting position and lunge to the other side. Avoid bringing the knee forward of the toes. Keep the feet pointing forward.

Abdominal Bracing — 21
Like crunches, but just raise the shoulder blades off the floor. Keep the back straight.

Squat Thrusts — 8 (mildly aerobic)
Stand. Squat with hands on floor. Keep hands on floor and spring to push-up position. Keep hands on floor and spring back to a squat position. Stand.

Kickbacks — 5 R & L (10 second holds)
Crawl position. Extend one leg and the opposite arm until they are horizontal. Return to crawl position then extend the other leg and arm. Keep the back straight and maintain a light core contraction.

Rear Lunges — 13 R & L
Lunge backwards to a genuflecting position. Accompany with a shoulder press. Repeat with other leg.

Bridging — 21
Feet flat on floor, arms crossed on chest. Lift the hips until the thighs are in line with the torso.

Calf-raises — 21
Stand on a step with balls of feet (heels in midair). Lift body. Lower body.

Fire Hydrant — 21 R & 21 L
Crawl position. Lift leg to side like a dog.

Stretch (slowly and gently)
Stand. Bring hands together above head. Tip right and hold for 5 seconds then tip left and hold for 5 seconds. Place hands on hips, thrust pelvis forward, look at the sky and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times. After the first time, hold your right heel, then your left heel against your bottom for 13 seconds. After the second time, drop your hands and twist side to side 3 times—let your arms swing.