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Tutoring occurs each fall and spring semester.

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Your child with their tutor, may be photographed while in the reading clinic. These pictures may be shown to diverse groups such as: the Board of Regents, accreditation teams, and other students for the purpose of showing our undergraduates working with children in the Northern State University Reading Clinic. At no time will your child be identfied by name; however I must make you aware of these photographs.
Scheduled Times - You will be sent a letter of acceptance prior to the start date.
All times are Central Standard Time (CST).
Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday

NSU Reading Clinic is non-profit. At present, the clinic operates primarily with tuition fees paid; therefore, we ask that you pay $80.00 for the tutoring sessions on the first day of tutoring. Please make checks payable to the NSU Reading Clinic.