Theatre 241: StageCraft
Instrument Selection Problem

Which instrument -- an Ellipsoidal, a Fresnel, PARCan, a Scoop, or a Borderlight -- would you use to...

  1. _____create a strong shaft of sun light,

  2. _____light the front edge of the stage from the cove,

  3. _____light the sky cyc,

  4. _____create moon light streaming through a window,

  5. _____create a soft edged pool of light around the cafe table,

  6. _____project a cloud pattern on the cyc,

  7. _____provide a broad wash of color over the entire stage,

  8. _____back light the center stage plane from the third electric,

  9. _____create a hard edged box of light around the door,

Lighting Instruments

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