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Scene Design: Plaza Suite

Plaza Suite
by Neil Simon

During the summer of 2006 the Northern Fort Playhouse presented four performances of Neil Simon's Plaza Suite in the South Barracks at Fort Sisseton State Park, There was a revival of the show in September at Aberdeen's historic Capitol Theatre. The set was designed by Rory Behrens, a member of the company and the play was directed by David Whittaker, a visiting artist from Chicago. Behrens based his design on Simon's description, the demands of the action of the play and the "floor plan in the back of the book." Note the similarities and differences between Behrens' design and Oliver Smith's original floor plan. Link to additional photographs of the production.

The scene, as described by Neil Simon, keywords highlighted in yellow...

A suite at the Plaza Hotel. The seventh floor overlooking the park. The set is divided into two rooms. The room at Stage Right is the living room. It is a well-appointed room, tastefully furnished with an entrance door at extreme Right and windows that look out over the park. A door leads into the bedroom,which has a large double bed, etc., and a door that leads to the bathroom. The room also contains a large closet.
Copyright © 1969 by Neil Simon

Floor Plan in the "back of the book"

Based on the original scene design by Oliver Smith

Photograph of the Northern Fort Playhouse production
on the stage of the Capitol Theatre

Roy, Norma and Mimsey Hubley from Act III: "Visitor from Forest Hills"
Set designed by Rory Behrens
Scenic Design Copyright © 2006 by Rory Behrens

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