Theatre 241: Stage Craft
Scene Design: Ghosts

Below are some of the drawings I developed over thirty years ago (February 1975) for an academic production of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts presented at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio. The floor plan, flat schedule and rendered elevations were "drafted" on standard quarter-inch graph paper. The rendering at the bottom of the page, which is based on a 35mm slide, was created approximately a year after the show closed for a graduate level Portfolio Class at Southern Illinois University.

The design was a collaboration between myself and the director: Professor Hugh Heiland. I placed the action into the corner of the "large room." The director requested the large portico down right leading into the entry, the fireplace and the door up right. The huge window stage left and the up center conservatory were dictated by the script.

The setting as described by Henrik Ibsen with key words high lighted in yellow.

The Sitting room in Mrs Alving's house on one of the larger fjords of Western Norway...

A large room looking upon a garden door in the left-hand wall, and two in the right. In the middle of the room, a round table with chairs set about it, and books, magazines and newspapers upon it. In the foreground on the left, a window, by which is a small sofa with a work-table in front of it. At the back the room opens into a conservatory rather smaller than the room. From the right-hand side of this, a door leads to the garden. Through the large panes of glass that form the outer wall of the conservatory, a gloomy fjord landscape can be discerned, half-obscured by steady rain.
Henrik Ibsen. translated by R. Farquharson Sharp

Floor Plan

Floor Plan
(Media: Fine-line Felt-tip pen on 1/4" Graph paper)

Flat Schedule

Flat Schedule of the Stage Right wall, flats 11 through 16.
(Media: Fine-line Felt-tip pen on 1/4" Graph paper)
The flat numbers are placed above each unit. Dimension lines are placed below and to the right of the unit.
The squiggly line which joins the edge of Flat #11 to the center of Flat #12 indicates that Unit #11 (the Door Flat) butts into the center of Unit #12. See the
floor plan above if you are confused.
Unit #15 is composed of three flats which are battened & dutchmaned together: 2- 1x14 stock units and a 6x6 header.
Note: There is 2' clearence between the edge of the scenery and the nearest dimension line.

Rendered Elevation

Rendered elevation of the Stage Right wall.

Rendered elevation of the Stage Left wall.
(Media: Crayon and Fine-line Felt-tip pen on 1/4" Graph paper)


A Rendering of the Design.
(Media: Chalk pastel, ink, water color and tempra on cold-press Illustration board)

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Posted September 22, 2006
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