Theatre 100: Introduction to Theatre
-- Instructor: Mr. Larry Wild --
-- Internet Section: Summer 2011 --

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Larry Wild, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Emeritus
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Catalogue description:
Introductory course designed to enhance the student's enjoyment and understanding of the theatrical experience. Play readings, films and demonstrations acquaint the students with the history and techniques of the theatrical arts.

Course Learning Goals or Objectives:
Students successfully completing this course will have met South Dakota Board of Regents General Education Goal #4.

BOR System Goal #4:
Students will understand the diversity and complexity of human experience through study of the arts and humanities.

text_book Theatre. The Lively Art by Edwin Wilson and Alvin Goldfarb. (Boston: McGraw-Hill College), 7th ed., 2010.
The Publisher's Textbook Web Page

Hamlet, an Elizabethan tragedy by William Shakespeare
Pygmalian, an early 20th century eomedy by George Bernard Shaw
Both plays are available at the book store, library or on the InterNet

Lecture Notes

  1. Theatre and the Internet
  2. Experiencing Theatre
  3. The Audience
  4. Creating the Blueprint
  5. Theatrical Genres
  6. Playwriting: The Process
  7. Acting for the Stage
  8. The Director and the Producer
    First Little Quiz (50 points)
  9. Theatre Spaces
  10. The Designers: Scenery and Costumes
  11. The Designers: Lighting and Sound
  12. Film History
  13. Film Production
  14. Radio: History and Production
  15. Television: History and Production
    Second Little Quiz (50 points)
  16. Early Theatre: Greek, Roman and Medieval
  17. Asian Theatre
  18. Renaissance Theatre: Italy
  19. Renaissance Theatre: England
  20. Renaissance Theatre: Spain
  21. Renaissance Theatre: France
    Third Little Quiz (50 points)
  22. Theatre from Restoration through Romanticism: Restoration and 18th Century
  23. Theatre from Restoration through Romanticism: Nineteenth Century
  24. Early Modern Theatre: 1875-1945
  25. Global Theatre: 1945-2000: The Drama
  26. Global Theatre: 1945-2000: African American Theatre
  27. Global Theatre: 1945-2000: The American Musical
    Fourth Little Quiz (50 points)


Theatre and Drama

  1. Playbill On-Line
    A searchable listing of shows playing in New York, both on and off Broadway.
    The internet source for the New York Theatre scene
  3. The Internet Broadway Database
    The official database for Broadway theatre information. IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today.
  4. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
    The title says it all.
Film and Television
  1. The Internet Movie Database
    A searchable index with more information on movies and the people who make them, than you could possibly ever use.
  2. [ABC] [CBS] [NBC] [FOX] [PBS]
    Links to the four commercial and one non-commercial American broadcast networks.
  3. [KELO-Channel 3] [KDLT-Channel 5] [KSFY-Channel 13] [SD Public Broadcasting]
    Links to local broadcasters.
Search Engines
  1. Google.Com
    Search 2,469,940,685 web pages.
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