A DOS (non Windows) program which calculates Field Diameter, Beam Diameter, and Intensity for a variety of standard theatrical lighting instruments. LITECALC.ZIP is composed of seven files, six of which are executable.

For a straight, non diagonal, throw...

BEAMDIA.EXE is the generic beams spread program. Input the throw and field angle, and the program will calculate the field diameter.
ELLIP.EXE (for ten series of ellipsoidals), FRES_BP.EXE (for 6" and 8" Fresnels and 10" BeamProjectors) , and PAR.EXE (for 150 watt PAR38s, 300 and 500 watt PAR56s, and 500 and 1000 watt PAR64s) are the menu directed programs.

ELLIP.EXE contains data for the...

For a diagonal throw...

LC1.EXE is the generic program. LC2.EXE is the menu driven program, and contains data for nine ellipsoidal series. The Altman 3.5Q is the series of ellipsoidals left out.

Read the... LiteCalc Documentation

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