Single South Dakota Time Zone
I propose that South Dakotans do not change their clocks for daylight savings time and that we all set our clocks to the same time. In the summer we would use mountain daylight savings time. In the winter we would use central standard time.
Time Zone:
Standard Time:
Daylight Savings:
A number of factors lead me to this proposal:
  • We save little daylight or money since the boundary between the central time zone and mountain time zone bisects our state.
  • Eastern and western South Dakotans would be more closely-knit.
  • We would eliminate any confusion about the times of state events.
  • Our children would be safer since they would travel to school in the daylight more often.
  • The effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder would be lessened.
  • Our circadian rhythms would not be disturbed by a biannual time change.
  • A biannual inconvenience would be removed from our busy lives.