Compiled by Suzanne Schmidt 2008

Revised and annotated by Melissa Cox 2009


AP Readers’ Favorite Music Theory Websites!


General AP Music Theory Examination and Course Information

Access to useful articles, the Course Description, the Teachers’ Guide, sample syllabi, free response questions from previous AP exams, an electronic discussion group for AP Music Theory teachers, and many other resources. Available from the College Board store: released exams, the AP Vertical Teams Guide, and other resources.


Fundamentals to intermediate/advanced topics

(For these purposes, fundamentals = note names, key signatures, rhythm values and meter, scales, basic triads and seventh chords; intermediate adds cadences, voice leading, phrase structure, etc.; advanced adds secondary dominants, etc.)  

Tutorials and exercises (fundamentals, harmonic dictation, contextual listening) with downloadable workbooks, by a long-time AP Music Theory instructor.  Very useful!

Lessons and trainers for introductory theory skills, and a quick source of staff paper

Aural exercises identifying intervals, chords, scales, cadences – with a few ads thrown in 

Drill on a variety of fundamentals.  “Chord functions” will provide chord spelling practice, but the IV-V-I that establishes the key practice uses terrible voice leading.

A complete fundamentals to intermediate web textbook with audio examples illustrating each concept.

Worksheets and explanatory handouts on basic and intermediate topics, sight singing and dictation exercises 

Building and identifying intervals, triads, scales, and modes.  A European fixed “do” option is offered in identifications, so if your students use moveable “do” for sight singing, you’ll need to explain the difference.

Intermediate-level exercises in chord analysis, embellishing tones, figured bass, cadences, plus fundamentals skills.  Printable and savable (on a server) exercises.

            Fundamentals to intermediate tutorials

            Fundamentals to intermediate tutorials

Flash cards for fundamentals drills

Trainers for fundamentals drills, plus a staff paper generator.  Content is the same as for Ricci Adams’ above, plus ads.

Short spoken explanations of topics from intervals to chords, voice motion types, etc., illustrated with a keyboard.

            Drills on key signatures and circle of fifths only.

            Lessons and exercises on circle of fifths and key signatures.

            Aural skills; requires registration and Shockwave

            Lesson on very basic topics

            Quite complete lesson series, fundamentals to intermediate

            Lessons on fundamentals

            Fundamentals through chords in inversion; aural and visual.

            Modes (including pentatonic scales) from a guitar/bass perspective.

            Interactive checking of very basic fundamentals

            A chart summarizing key signatures, scales, and triads.

            Various resources, including downloadable rhythm dictation trainer 

Miscellaneous worksheets and explanations of fundamentals;  pointers to musical examples of various features; dictation, rhythm, harmony, part-writing and form.

Notes and score/audio examples on intermediate topics: motives, phrases, periods, forms

            Vir. Tech. dictionary of terms with audio illustrations; also quizzes, etc.




Teaching Resources Primarily for Instructors

            Compilation of score examples listed by topic.  Very useful!

            Public domain music scores

            Integrates music scores with audio and web commentary.  Requires Shockwave.     

            Mozart Ausgabe online as PDF files.  Directions in German.  

            A web journal of recent research; most is not directly applicable to AP Theory.

            An annotated listing of theory sites, with links.

            “First  aid” for theory concepts; links to useful sites.

            Online theory games for simple aural skills.

Under “Theory Courses” has links to various college theory course sites.

            Online theory quizzes and games



Theory/Aural Skills Programs for Purchase (complete aural/written skills, fundamentals to advanced) (complete aural/written skills, fundamentals to advanced)

            Auralia (ear training) and Musition (theory)- (complete aural/written skills, fundamentals to advanced)

          Links to various sites, including an inexpensive sight singing site.


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Computer animations that help in fundamentals; requires subscription

            Independent online study of fundamentals



Sites that either have downloads or rate ear training software.