Modes made Easy     (All end with -ian.) Theory Things   William Wieland
Limdap 4762
L — Lydian — Raise 4 of a Major Scale Lydia may help you remember.
Lydia is 4 and drinks “4up”, not 7up!
I — Ionian = Major Scale I own this one! (Lydia knows major scales.)
M — Mixolydian — Lower 7 of a Major Scale Mix up Lydia by giving her “7down”.
D — Dorian — Raise 6 of a Natural Minor Scale Our “door-y” is over 6 feet tall.
A — Aeolian = Natural Minor Scale Aeolian harps sound sad—too many vowels.
P — Phrygian — Lower 2 of a Natural Minor Scale Our “frigde-y” is 2 small.