Rhythm Composition Theory Things   William Wieland
Assignment 1 — Compose a piece using music software that includes ostinati, syncopations, motivic transformation, asymmetrical time signatures, changing time signatures, hemiola, cross rhythms, polymeters, and/or metric modulation.

To create a final rhythmic cadence, reaffirm the beat near the end and conclude with a long note on a strong beat.

When you post your composition on D2L for the class, observe the following guidelines:
  1. Save as a MIDI, mp3, or wav file.
  2. Select the topic "Rhythm Compositions".
  3. Write your title in the subject box.
  4. Add program notes—three sentences which describe or explain your piece and/or your compositional process. Use the terms mentioned in the first sentence of this webpage.
Assignment 2 — After most of the compositions are posted in D2L, critique at least 3.
  • Open a web browser. Go to D2L > MUS 110 > Communications > Discuss > Select topic: Rhythm Compositions
  • If possible, please critique at least one composition which no one else has critiqued.
  • Comment upon a musical feature you thought had artistic merit and why. Offer the composer constructive criticism (one suggestion).
  • Alert the instructor of any compositions you deem worthy of NSU TV.