Cadence Writing Quiz MUS 111   William Wieland


Begin with 100 points

Lower 10 points
  • for an incorrect cadence
  • for each incorrect chord
Lower 7 points for perfect parallel motion

Lower 3 points
  • if a 3rd is missing
  • for an imperfect authentic cadence
  • for each incorrect pitch
  • if a cadence ends with an inverted chord
  • for a missing key signature
  • if not the nearest note
  • for more than a P8 between S&A or A&T
  • if 7 does not go to 8 (inner voices may go 7 to 5)
  • if 4 does not go to 3 in an authentic cadence
  • if an active tone is doubled (leading tone, 7th of 7th chord, inflected note)
  • if the range is extreme