MUS 313 Form and Analysis Personal Project Schedule   Syllabus   William Wieland
  • Journal — If you are worried about your grade, creating a journal is perhaps your best project choice. Collect and organize definitions (in your own words) and examples all semester, essentially creating your own textbook or webpage while learning the material. Higher grades will be awarded to students who expand upon class notes with real music examples and information from books and outside websites.
  • Paper — Analyze a piece. This may help prepare you for a graduate school theory course. See Music Analysis Writing Guide.
  • Video Analysis — Analyze a composition and create a video that displays your insight cued to the music, e.g. Schubert Erlkφnig Analysis.
  • Research — Investigate a form or analytical technique not examined in depth during class, e.g. blues, variations, concerto, ritornello, passacaglia/chaconne, sonata-rondo, overtures (French & Italian), etc.
  • Lesson Plans — Create lesson plans for a unit about form or analysis. This option may appeal to future music educators.
  • Other — You may propose a different project.
  • Proposal — due 2 weeks after Martin Luther King Jr. Day (or earlier)
    • Journal — Sketch a table of contents listing forms and analytical techniques you will include in your journal.
    • Paper — Discuss compositions to analyze with Dr. Wieland. He must approve one.
    • Video Analysis — Discuss compositions to analyze with Dr. Wieland. He must approve one.
    • Research — Identify the form or analytical technique you will study and list compositions which serve as models.
    • Lesson Plans — Determine what you will teach (form, rhythm, harmony, melody, etc.?) and to whom (early elementary, late elementary, junior high or high school students?).
    • Other — Write a 2 or 3 paragraph description of your proposed project.
  • 1st Draft — due the Friday before spring break (or earlier)
  • 2nd Draft — due the third Friday after spring break (or earlier)
  • Final Draft — due the Friday before the last week of class (or earlier)
10 point deductions:
  • You did not submit a proposal before the 1st draft was due.
  • You did not submit the 1st draft before the 2nd draft was due.
  • You did not submit the 2nd draft before the final draft was due.
  • The final draft was late.