MUS 111 Basic Music Theory II — 2018 Schedule AP Terms (pp. 11–18)   D2L   Syllabus   William Wieland
Typical Week:
M: Spaff 313 — Keyboard Journal Quick Check, Computer Assignment, & Small Group Work
Tu: JFAC 125 — Lecture, Ensemble Performing, & Speed Quiz
W: Spaff 313 — Keyboard Journal Entry, Computer Assignment, & Individual Performing
Th: JFAC 125 — Lecture, Ensemble Performing, & Listening Quiz
Fr: JFAC 110 — Explain and Demonstrate next Keyboard Journal, Lecture, Analysis, & Quiz
Every day: — Walk-in video then, "It's 10:00."
— Review items from yesterday.
— Timed Quiz as Worksheet (See upcoming Tues.)
— Perform (See upcoming Wed.)
— Listen (See upcoming Thurs.)
— Something new (See upcoming week.)
NOTE: All assignments must be submitted and all quizzes must be taken by 5:00 pm on the last day of class. (Check D2L.)

Thursday, May 3, 9:45–11:45 — Comprehensive Final Exam — You may bring the Part Writing Tips and Writing Rules to the final exam. (I will not bring extra copies.) — Good luck!

This schedule changes.