BEADGCF and FCGDAEB Theory Things   William Wieland
Order of Flats
BFlat EFlat AFlat DFlat GFlat CFlat FFlat
Order of Sharps
FSharp CSharp GSharp DSharp ASharp ESharp BSharp
BEAD, Greatest Common Factor

(palindrome) Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles' Father

(2nd sentence) Blanket Explodes And Dad Gets Crispy Feet

B3 Start with B, count up by 3.
B c d E f g A b c D e f G a b C d e F
(The B3 is also a famous Hammond organ used in blues, gospel, jazz,
and rock music. YouTube > > > Booker T. Jones -- Green Onions.)

Bread Eating After Dinner Gets Cats Fat

Blueberry Eating Always Did Get Cows Fat

BEAD, Go Catch Fish!

Bright Eternal Angels Defend God's Church Forever

BEAD, Go Call Fred!

BEAD, Great Chicago Fire

British European Airlines Do Great Continental Flights

Before Eating A Doughnut, Get Coffee First

BE A Duck; Get Cold Feet!

BEAD, Gulf Coast Festival

BEAD with Gold Clasp Fastener

Boys Eat And Drink Garbage Confidently Fast

Big Elephants Always Drive Golf Carts Fast!

Babies Eat And Drink Greasy Chicken Fat!
Fat Cats Go Down Alleys Eating Birds

Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle (palindrome)

Father Christmas Gives Dad An Electric Blanket (1st sentence)

Fat Cats Get Dinner After Eating Bread

Fat Cows Get Down Always Eating Blueberries

Fat Cats Get Donuts At Every Breakfast

Fat Cat Goes Downtown After Eating Breakfast

Fish Caught! Go Down And Eat Breakfast!

Fidel Castro Gets Drunk At Every Bar

Fred Can't Go Driving After Eight Beers

Four Chorus Girls Danced All Evening Bare

Fair Cinderella Goes Down And Eats Bugs

Fred's Cookies Give Dan An Enormous Butt

Fred Can Go Down And Eat Breakfast

Funky Chickens Get Down At Every Barnyard

Fire Causes Great Damage And Everything Burns

First Chance Go Down And Eat Breakfast

Fat Cows Go Ding After Eating Bells
Note that the order of flats is the order of sharps backwards. They are palindromes. The second two sets of words are also palindromes.
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