Mozart Requiem "Lacrimosa" Analysis Assignment William Wieland
First determine the facts.
  1. Write the Latin words sung in the first 8 bars. Immediately below, write the English translation of each Latin word—a literal, word-for-word translation. (Go to D2L, click MUS-313, click Content, click Requiem Latin, click Sequentia 4 and scroll down a bit. You may also go to IPA Source online.) 20 pts – 2 per Latin word
  2. Copy a good English translation of the first 8 bars and cite your source. (See the liner notes of a recording or go online.) 7 pts for the translation, 3 pts for citing the source
  3. Perform a Roman numeral analysis of the first 8 bars. 32 pts (1 per beat) + 7 additional points for the most straightforward chords HINT: Analyze the choir's chords.
Next, analyze. Analysis is the art of understanding music. These are perhaps the last 8 measures Mozart composed for his Requiem and among the most beautiful. How does Mozart achieve such beauty? Consider the following:
  • harmony
  • melody
  • rhythm
  • articulation
  • dynamics
  • orchestration
Write at least one sentence for each of these 6 musical elements and add a concluding sentence. BIG HINT: When writing about each musical element, consider the Latin text. 28 pts – 4 per sentence (up to 3 extra points for insight)
Listen to the 8 bars repeatedly. You will hear things you do not see.