Listen for Form Answer Key Theory Things   William Wieland
Review Common Forms, then listen to the following recordings and identify the form of each piece:
  • Kelley and Higley Home on the Range (singer?) — a a' b a' — Song Form (repeated for multiple stanzas)
    The first 8 bars end inconclusively like a question, while the next 8 measures end on tonic—an answer.
    This forms an antecedent/consequent pair, a period. It is a parallel period because the melodic material of the two phrases is very similar.
    The last half of the song is a contrasting period.
  • Anderson Sleigh Ride (John Williams & The Boston Pops) — A B A' C A'' B A — Rondo Form (with a short intro, some transitions and a brief coda)
    B features clip clops. A' adds trumpets. C repeats a pitch and crescendos to a whip crack. After a transition, A'' is jazzier.
  • J.S. Bach Menuet BWV Anh 116 (Ton Koopman, harpsichord) — ||:   A   :||:   B   ˝ of A   :|| — Rounded Binary Form
  • Mel Tormé and Bob Wells The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole) — a a' b a' — Song Form
  • Beethoven Für Elise (Alfred Brendel) — A B A' C A' — Rondo Form
    The first  A  is  ||: a :||: b   a :||.   A'  is simply  a b a.   In other words, both A and A' are ternary forms.
  • Clementi Sonatina Op. 36, No. 2 (Cory Hall)
    I. Allegretto is clearly in sonata form.
    II. Allegretto is in ternary form.
    III. Allegro is also in ternary form.
Note—repeat signs may lead to confusion as we listen. For example, we hear a a b a b a, but it is easy to see ||: a :||: b   a :|| as ternary form.
Likewise, sonata form may be heard as exposition – exposition – development – recapitulation – development – recapitulation.