George D. Kuh, IN Univ Center for Postsecondary Research Theory Things   William Wieland
Deep, integrative learning
--- Attend to the underlying meaning of information as well as content (why)
--- Integrate and synthesize different ideas, sources of information
--- Discern patterns in evidence or phenomena (analysis)
--- Apply knowledge in different situations
--- View issues from multiple perspectives

Most Important Skills Employers Look for in New Hires
--- Teamwork skills (small ensembles)
--- Critical thinking/reasoning (analysis)
--- Oral/written communication
--- Ability to assemble/organize information (Internet resources)
--- Innovative/thinking creatively (composition)

What really matters in college: Student Engagement

Good Practices in Undergraduate Education
--- Student-faculty contact (weekly small group and individual meetings)
--- Active learning (perform music concepts)
--- Prompt feedback (look at the answer key immediately after taking a quiz)
--- Time on task (daily assignments)
--- High expectations (competencies)
--- Respect for diverse learning styles (text, lecture, graphics, performance)
--- Cooperation among students (small ensembles)

Who's more engaged?
--- Women
--- Full-time students
--- Students who live on campus (propinquity)
--- Students with diversity experiences
--- Students who start and stay at the same school

NSU seniors are not challenged enough, work off campus too much, and socialize too much

--- Lay out the path to student success
--- If doing something is important and it works, require it
--- Teach the students you have, not the students you wish you had
--- Recruit, socialize and reward competent faculty and staff
--- Mentoring programs (faculty, staff and students)
--- Difference makers (staff as well)
--- Spend money where it will make a difference to student success
--- Positive restlessness
--- Put someone in charge
--- Stay the course