Scale I.D. Listening Quiz Theory Things   William Wieland
I will choose from the following scales:

Chromatic 12 tones all steps It takes forever.
Major 7 tones Happy You know, do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do

Major Pentatonic 5 tones Hollywood Chinese music (Mulan)
Minor Pentatonic 5 tones Chinese jazz

Whole Tone 6 tones no steps mysterious (old Twilight Zone)
Blues 6 tones makes you want to get funky

Minor 7 tones Sad & Dark
    Natural no altered pitches
    Harmonic step on top
        piano proficiency
        Hollywood snake charmer (Aladdin)
    Melodic ascent differs from descent (6 & 7 change)

Octatonic 8 tones alternates and whole steps, or vice versa
Diminished same as Octatonic

For practice:   Scale Ear Training
To receive an A+, you must also identify modes:

Ionian same as major
Lydian sounds like major until 4
Mixolydian sounds like major until 7
    mixes major and V7

Aeolian same as natural minor
Dorian sounds like natural minor until 6
    has a happy middle like Dory from Finding Nemo

Phrygian begins with a step (That's frigid!)
Locrian begins with a step and has a d5 (That's loco!)

If necessary, review Modes made Easy.
For practice:   Scale Ear Training (including modes)