Keyboard Harmony Listening Quiz Theory Things   William Wieland
  • I will play a scale and we will sing tonic to establish the key.
  • Write the roman numerals you hear.
  • Each 3-chord progression will be played twice. Each 5-chord progression will be played three times.
Questions 15 are all in C and chosen from the 3-chord progressions listed below.

Questions 68 are all in another key and present 5-chord progressions built from 2 of those listed below. (The middle chord is always a tonic triad.)

Questions 9 & 10 are in different keys and feature 5-chord progressions created from any roman numerals used on this website, but in new voicings and progressions.
MUS 110 Keyboard Journal: I - V - I i - V - i I - IV - I
MUS 111 Keyboard Journal: I - V7- I i - V7- i I - V+- I
Six-Four Chords:
- V - I
I - IV6
- I
I - I6
- I
I - V6
- I6