Substantial Technology Project Please e-mail any questions to William Wieland
First choose a topic. It must be new to you. What would be most useful? What technology do you want to learn? Any project may involve students—as users or creators. A tiny sample of ideas follows:
Create lesson plans or a curriculum for
  • a Smart Board or document camera.
  • iPads, tablets or Kindles.
  • cell phones or iPods.

Master digital audio hardware or software.
  • Record and mix performances.
  • Edit or enhance recordings.
  • Create CDs or streaming audio.

Build or improve a website using graphics,
audio or video clips, or dynamic buttons.
  • School Music Program, Church Choir,
  • Personal Homepage, Studio Website,
  • Lessons or Presentations.
Set up a computer music workstation or lab
in your school or at home.
  • Research good designs and functions.
  • Learn about common technical issues.
  • Design lesson plans or a curriculum.

Master an electronic keyboard.
  • Record piano accompaniments.
  • Create original synthesized sounds.
  • Master MIDI and sequencing.

Teach with the Internet.
Create a curriculum with
commercial learning materials.
Master music notation software.
  • Print warm-ups or flashcards.
  • Create fingering charts.
  • Learn professional publishing.

Master sound reinforcement, e.g.
  • Microphones, Mixers,
  • Connections, Monitors,
  • Hardware and Software.
The scope of your project must be substantial—about two dozen hours of your time. I list hours because every musician's technology background is different. One individual may learn a great deal by researching, downloading and critiquing music apps while another person may be so tech savvy that they actually create a music app in 24 work hours.

Be honest. I trust you are a person of integrity and will work hard and choose a topic which will genuinely foster your own learning. A dishonest person would plagiarize or complete a project with technology they already knew.

Day 1 — Begin choosing a topic that is new to you.
Week 2 or Earlier — E-mail your topic to including measurable goals and activities.
Last Week — Submit your completed project. You will earn an A if you met your goals and completed your activities.