Technology Presentation Please e-mail any questions to William Wieland
First choose a topic. You may present something new or something familiar. Your presentation topic may be the same as or completely different from your Substantial Technology Project. (Technology which required hours to learn may only take minutes to present.) I allow ample time to choose a presentation topic because we will survey a wide variety of technologies and one completely new to you might catch your fancy. Consider the competencies at the bottom of this web page.

Presentations should be about 10 minutes long followed by about 5 minutes of questions and discussion. Your delivery should be informative and engaging as you demonstrate the technology. A handout, PowerPoint or Internet links may be helpful. I expect you to be well-informed when we ask questions.
Heed Confucius:
    I hear and I forget. 
    I see and I remember.
    I do and I understand.
Day 1 Begin thinking of a topic.
Midterm or earlier E-mail your topic to If you choose the same topic as a classmate, I will contact both of you.
Time TBA Give your presentation. Presentation Rubric

In 2011, CMS (the College Music Society) polled a number of music professors around the country asking what they considered the basic technology competencies in music to be. That work resulted in a set of 8 basic music technology competencies that CMS reported to the profession at the CMS/ATMI (the Association for Technology in Music Instruction) meeting in Richmond, Virginia. These music technology competencies were the ability to:
  • Enter and edit music using notation software,
  • Record and mix a performance with digital audio software,
  • Demonstrate an understanding of copyright and fair use,
  • Create a CD/DVD or streaming audio package of a recording(s),
  • Edit digital audio,
  • Demonstrate an understanding of acoustics and audiology,
  • Create a music presentation with presentation software and appropriate hardware, and
  • Demonstrate setting up a computer music workstation and the ability to problem solve common technical issues.