Due June 12 Syllabus   MUS 716 At a Glance   William Wieland
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 D2L (Discuss, Dropbox, Grades)
  • Substantial Technology Project Finish a significant portion this week. (Remember, this project is almost one third of your grade.)
  • Technology Presentation E-mail your topic to William.Wieland@northern.edu
  • D2L Dropbox
    • Technology I Have Create a 2nd set of "How To" instructions. (See the 3rd bullet of week 2.) Place your instructions in the D2L Dropbox "How To #2". (One to go!)
    • MuseScore Refer to the Handbook to add a few silly lyrics to your school song. Place the file in the D2L Dropbox "Silly Lyrics".
    • Audacity Record a few seconds of yourself speaking or singing. Refer to the Manual to copy and paste 8 times in succession. Do not alter the first iteration. Double click the subsequent selections and apply effects like Change Pitch..., Change Speed... and Change Tempo... Save the file and place it in the D2L Dropbox "Chipmunks".
    • Research how to screen capture with your operating system (Windows 7, Apple OS X, etc.) and place an image of your screen in the D2L Dropbox "Screen Capture".
  • Final Exam Read Sound Mixer Tutorials (10 webpages) and learn the following terms for the final exam: Sound Mixer = Mixer = Sound Board
    Audio Signal
    Solo / Mute
    Phantom Power
    VU Meter
    '' Jack
    Mic-level (low voltage)
    Line-level (a bit higher)
    Loudspeaker-level (very high)
  • D2L Discuss (Wisdom in a Nutshell :o)
    • Briefly comment upon Music Learning Materials at D2L Discuss "Music Learning Materials".
    • The Internet offers a wealth of free sheet music. If the copyright has expired, you're in luck! Please visit the following websites, then post your favorites (maybe not from this list) at D2L Discuss "Free Sheet Music":
    • Videos! Watch several Videos about Music and offer your own favorite(s) and a brief comment about how you may use them in your teaching at D2L Discuss "Videos about Music".
    • Scour D2L Discuss "Apps for Music Ed." posts for new ideas.