MUS 716 Grading RubricsMUS 716   William Wieland
E-mail Submissions (week 1 biography, week 2 project topic, week 3 presentation topic, week 4 special characters assignment)

100 points each
  • I deduct 10 points each day they are late.
  • If I deem the work to be unsatisfactory, I deduct 50 points but offer you the chance to resubmit the assignment to redeem those 50 points.
D2L Dropbox Submissions

Same rubric as e-mail submissions above.
D2L Discussion Posts

100 points each
  • I deduct 50 points if they are late. (A discussion requires timely posts.)
  • I deduct 50 points if a post lacks substance. (I grade substance very charitably.)
Before posting, complete any readings or research. Consider writing in a note document and then copying and pasting your response into the discussion so you don't lose your work.