MUS 716 Goals, Objectives, Activities and Assessments MUS 716   William Wieland
Overall Goals Learning Objectives Activities and/or Assessments
To hone your ability to learn independently. Answer the question, "Where do you turn for information about technology?" Compile a personal list of resources for learning technology. You may steal from Dr. Wieland's Resources for Learning Technology.
Answer the question, "How can you learn technology most efficiently?" Discuss online. Draw upon your own training and experience as well as the personal list of resources you just created. My advice is, "Identify sources of help and dive in!"
To broaden your knowledge of technology. Identify technology you already have. List technology available to you at school as well as technology you own.
Assess your knowledge of technology. Complete Dr. Wieland's Technology Assessment in the first week and last week.
Survey a wide variety of technologies. Music Learning Assignments Online Materials (SmartMusic), Software (Band-in-a-Box), Hardware, etc.
Music Notation Assignments Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, Noteflight, etc.
Sound Reinforcement Assignments PA systems, Mixers, Microphones, etc.
Digital Audio, Sequencing & MIDI Assignments Audacity, Pro Tools, SONAR, Logic, Cubase, etc.
Mobile Devices & Apps Assignments iPhones, Blackberries, iPads, etc.
Miscellaneous Assignments Smart boards, Pyware, streaming music, videography, social media, etc.
To master specific technologies. Become proficient with technology available to you. Smart User Assignments Keyboard Shortcuts, Smart Habits
Create "How To" instructions for your technology. Test by asking someone else to follow your directions.
Become an expert with technology most useful to you as a music educator. Work on a Substantial Technology Project of your choice.
Give a Technology Presentation to the class while at NSU.