MUAP 115, Class Instruction–Keyboard, Spring 2018 Schedule SyllabusPiano PagesWilliam Wieland
Practice: According to the NSU Music Major Handbook, "For every applied lesson students are expected to practice five hours per week." Class Instruction – Keyboard meets 2 hours per week. 3 hours of piano practice the rest of the week satisfies the practice expectation of this class. On those rare occasions when the instructor is absent from class, please practice.
Attendance Grade: You must practice, therefore I take roll every class period. (If you attend class, I know you practiced that day.)
Your begin with 100 points. I lower your attendance grade
  • 1 point for every day you are tardy or leave early,
  • 2 points for every day you miss more than 25 minutes of class, or
  • 3 points for every unexcused absence.
However, you may make up absences on Fridays from 1:00–1:50 or by attending the other section of MUAP 115 if space permits.
Typical Day: Warm-up and Announcements — This Week's Mini-recital or Quiz — Upcoming Mini-recitals — Upcoming Quizzes
NOTE: All mini-recital performances (except the final exam) and all quizzes must be taken by 5:00 pm on the last day of class. (Check D2L.)

Final ExamAccompanimentsMini-recital on a real piano (Oooooooo!) in my office, Spafford 304. (KC 8)
Monday / Wednesday Section — 2:15 pm, Thursday, May 3
Tuesday / Thursday Section — 2:15 pm, Friday, May 4

This schedule will probably change.