Class Ensemble Project Assignment 1 MUS 111 Syllabus & ScheduleWilliam Wieland
Show me hand written or printed music which meets the following criteria:
  • Short (1 to 2 minutes) — so you have time to complete a full score and extract parts and so we have time to perform it.
  • Simple — so your classmates can sight read it. We are all too busy to rehearse these. Score the music in a comfortable range for each instrument. Avoid sixteenth notes and syncopations. If necessary, transpose the piece to a reasonable key, i.e. no more than 2 sharps or 3 flats.
  • Polyphonic (3 or 4 parts using 2 staves, treble and a bass) — It will look like piano music.
Writing music well for a unique ensemble is a useful skill. You will create a piece for instruments available in class. You may do one of the following:
  • Transcription — music scored for different performing forces. You might change the key, but the music remains fundamentally unchanged.
  • Arrangement — an adaptation that retains the melody or harmony of the original but otherwise is new
  • Composition — an original work
We will perform these in class at the end of the semester. You will not perform on your own work but instead listen from an “audience seat”. You must score your piece for the entire ensemble (excluding yourself).
The Spring 2018 Class Ensemble:
  • Clarinet — Cody
  • Alto Sax — Edu
  • Trumpet 1 & 2 — Patrick, Trey, and/or Logan
  • Horn — McKinley
  • Trombone — Morgan
  • Euphonium — Lucas or Brita
  • Percussion — Roger, Eric
  • Mallet Percussion — Sara, Gillian
  • Violin — Gregory
  • Viola — Isaac
  • Cello — Grant
  • Bass — Quincy
Other Students:
  • Librarians
  • Recording Technician
Voices are not included because you wrote a threefold amen earlier this semester. Piano is not included because you will compose for piano later in the semester.