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Writing music well for a unique ensemble is a useful skill. You will create a piece for instruments available in class. We will perform these in class at the end of the semester. You will not perform on your own work but instead listen from an “audience seat”. You must score your piece for the entire ensemble (excluding yourself).
Assignment 1 — Show me handwritten or printed music 10 days before spring break or earlier. It will probably look like a hymn or piano music.
Assignment 2 — Complete a transposed full score by the 3rd Tuesday after spring break or earlier.
Assignment 3 — Revise your full score, collect all initials, and print parts before the penultimate Friday of the semester or earlier.
Assignment 4 — Reflection — Dr. Wieland will e-mail you a recording and several short questions. Your answers are due by the last day of class or earlier.
Grading Rubric
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