Famous Requiems (according to Wieland) William Wieland
Gregorian Chant Requiem (many centuries ago) – the "Dies Irae" is famous and often quoted
Victoria Requiem (1605) – a fine Renaissance example
Mozart Requiem (1791) – sublime, though completed by Süssmayr
Berlioz Requiem (1837) – both grandiose and delicate, an excellent lesson in vocal and instrumental writing
Brahms A German Requiem (1868) – not a Missa pro Defunctis, but a choral masterpiece in the same vein on German biblical texts chosen by the composer
Verdi Requiem (1869-74) – as dramatic and marvelous as his operas
Fauré Requiem (1888-92) – simple and beautiful, can actually be performed at a funeral
Britten War Requiem (1962) – words of the requiem alternating with the poems of Wilfred Owen, a young English soldier killed in France in 1918
Recent Requiems
Rutter Requiem (1985) – pretty, includes texts from the requiem as well as the 1662 Book of Common Prayer
Webber Requiem (1985) – popular like Jesus Christ Superstar, even the cover art is cool
Penderecki A Polish Requiem (1980-93) – experimentalism combined with neo-romanticism