Variations Assignment Music Composition Assignments   William Wieland
Composition Component

Together we will choose or create a theme. Please write 3 short variations on that theme which we can listen to in class.
Listening Component (as time allows)

Bach Goldberg Variations (Aria and 30 variations)

Beethoven Diabelli Variations (Veränderungen über einen Walzer, Op.120) (Waltz and 33 variations)
The Diabelli Variations - Wikipedia article highlights the very high praise given this work.

Frederic Rzewski The People United Will Never be Defeated!
Ursula Oppens Performance (Be certain to listen to the following:)
  • Thema “With determination” (0:02)
  • Variation 1 “Weaving: delicate but firm” (1:32)
  • Variation 5 “Dreamlike, frozen” (5:55)
  • Variation 7 “Lightly, impatiently” (8:14)