Lyrics Assignment Music Composition Assignments   William Wieland
Composition Component We will together choose a single text and each set it to music, then compare results.
  1. Please e-mail your favorite SHORT poem to me before 5:00 pm tomorrow. I will collate them in one e-mail.
  2. When you read my e-mail, please choose your favorite poem and reply to me before midnight tomorrow.
  3. I will e-mail you our poem early on Saturday morning. Set the poem to music by next Thursday. Obviously we are writing for voice, but you may include others, e.g. an accompaniment, backup vocals, etc.

Consider the following:
  • Accents
  • Metered music versus Non-metrical music (music with a regular time signature versus music without a regular pulse)
  • Syllabic, Neumatic, or Melismatic (one, several, or many notes per syllable)
  • Word Painting
  • Melodic Contour
  • Conjunct versus Disjunct Motion (steps versus leaps)
Reading/Listening Component

Libby Larsen is a composer from the Twin Cities. Read her page entitled On Setting Text.

Setting Text in English to Music by Matthew C. Saunders offers useful advice even if your text is not in English.  

Finally, listen to Puccini.