NSU MME Capstone PortfolioWilliam Wieland
In place of a thesis or recital, the capstone project for the Master of Music Education Degree at Northern State University is the Portfolio/Curriculum Project. Each student will develop an online portfolio containing completed assignments for each class every semester of the MME program.
The Curriculum Project begun in MUS 777 should be edited each semester to reflect the learning and skills from each class as they pertain to the MME Program Objectives, curriculum project, and personal teaching ability. The Curriculum Project should include a narrative reflection explaining how the content and skills from each class has prepared the candidate to improve personal teaching of music and assisted in the creation/completion of the Curriculum Project.
Odd Years Spring Semester MUS 775, Foundations of Music Education, History/Trends/Psych (3 credits)
MUS 735, American Music Survey (2 credits)
Summer Session MUS 751, Advanced Conducting (2 credits)
MUS 721, Performance Practice and Literature (2 credits)
MUS 716, Technology for Music Educators (2 credits)
Fall Semester MUS 782, Foundations of Music Education, Trends/Philosophy (3 credits)
MUS 715, Music Theory Analysis for the Educator (2 credits)
Even Years Spring Semester MUS 785, General Music Pedagogy (3 credits)
MUS 766, School Music Administration (2 credits)
Summer Session MUS 752, Advanced Rehearsal Techniques (2 credits)
MUS 723, Performance Practice and Literature (2 credits)
MUS 777, Curriculum Writing (2 credits)
Fall Semester MUS 772, Research in Music Education (3 credits)
MUS 743, Jazz Pedagogy for the Educator (2 credits)
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NSU Master of Music Education Outcomes
Objective #1Program objective: Music education and pedagogy
Objective description: Students will demonstrate advanced competencies in music education and pedagogy
Objective #2Program objective: Performance, conducting, music history, and music theory
Objective description: Students will gain knowledge and skills in performance, conducting, music history, and music theory analysis
Objective #3Program objective: Global music perspectives
Objective description: Students will develop graduate-level perspectives on contemporary issues and problems in music education, including global music perspectives
Objective #4Program objective: Problem solving
Objective description: Students will use analytical, technical, and critical thinking skills to anticipate, identify, analyze and solve problems as they apply to music education