How can the notion of a Global Literature be translated into ethical understanding and responsiveness to the many crises poverty, dislocation, terror, ecological destruction that threaten human flourishing? A deeper understanding of what constitutes this literature is needed. How can it be organized? How disseminated? What are the conjunctures between the national, the international, and the global as they are reflected in narrative literature and film? How can these concepts be translated into curricular reform at the secondary and post-secondary levels? What is the relationship of literature to policy? How can narrative be leveraged as a means to effect positive change in political, social, and economic institutions?

The goal of this website is to offer a collective chance to seek answers to these questions. This is just a small beginning to a project which, given collective effort and ideas, can perhaps grow into something with real power to make positive change in the world today. Please share any ideas you have by sending them to the e-mail address below. As this resource and idea bank develops, organization development, grant seeking, conference, and publication activities may be the next step. Thanks for contributing to the Global Literature project.

Ginny Lewis, author of Globalizing the Peasant: Access to Land and the Possibility of Self-Realization