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Master of Science in Education: Counseling

The counselor education program at Northern State University is a 48-semester hour program that prepares students for a career in counseling. The program leads to a master’s of science degree in education with preparation for K-12 school or community counseling certification. The program of study provides the student the theoretical base and skills necessary to provide counseling services.
The program subscribes to the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics. The prescribed ethics are very clear about the potential counselor’s ability to serve clients/students and addresses issues and expectations for the training and the acquisition of counseling skills and knowledge base of students, in order to uphold the standards of the counseling profession. Commitment to academic and personal growth and development is expected of each student. Students in the program are encouraged to develop an individual counseling style; no single educational or counseling approach is imposed. The code of ethics are very clear concerning the rights of students and clients with regard to openness and diversity of lifestyle and culture. Acceptance of diversity (i.e. age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.) is a necessary part of each student’s personal makeup. If one’s values, beliefs, or behaviors are such that they do not allow the student’s acceptance of and flexibility to work with a wide variety of clients, the student will be encouraged to pursue another course of study.

There are three plans of study available:
Thesis option.
Field-based Research Paper.
Additional course work beyond 49 credits including EDER 751 and 2-3 additional credits.

Courses required:
I. Research Foundation: 3-9 Credits (5 Credits for Option C)
EDER 761, Graduate Research and Design (3)
EDER 751, Interpretation of Educ Research (2) (Required for Option C)
CGPS 797, Thesis (6) FB Research Paper (0)

II. Core Foundation: 3 Credits
CGPS 762, Socio-Cultural Foundations (3)

III. Specialization Concentration: 21 Credits
CGPS 713, Adm & Suprv of Counseling Prog (2)
CGPS 736, Individual Appraisal (3)
CGPS 742, Career and Lifespan Development (3)
CGPS 755, Human Development (2)
CGPS 758, Counseling Skills (3)
CGPS 761, Theories of Counseling (3)
CGPS 765, Group Counseling I (3)
CGPS 769, Ethics in the Counseling Profession (2)

IV. Specialization Orientation: 16 Credits (21 for licensure)

*School *Agency
CGPS 710, Intro Schl Couns (2) CGPS 737, Psychopath & Diag (3)
CGPS 711, Couns Child & Adole (3) CGPS 739, Psychopharmacology (2)
CGPS 768, Family Counseling (2) CGPS 740, Case Management (2)
CGPS 795, Practicum: School (6) CGPS 763, Appl of Couns Tech (3)
(600 clock hours) CGPS 768, Family Counseling (2)
*In order to be certified in SD must also take INED 411 SD Indian Studies, EDFN 475 Human Relations CGPS 795, Practicum: Agency (3)
  CGPS 794, Internship: Agency (6)
  (600 clock hours)

ELECTIVES: 5 Credits (7-8 for Option C) (2-3 Credits for option C)
CGPS 737, Psychopath & Diag (3) CGPS 710, Intro To Schl Couns (2)
CGPS 739, Psychopharmacology (3) CGPS 711, Couns Child & Adole (3)
CGPS 763, Appl of Couns Tech (3) CGPS 766, Group Counseling II (3)
CGPS 766, Group Counseling II (3) CGPS 790, Couples Therapy (2)
CGPS 790, Brief Therapy w/ child (1) CGPS 790, Crisis Counseling (1)
CGPS 790, Crisis Counseling (1) CGPS 790, Brief Therapy (1)
CGPS 790, Play Therapy (1) CGPS 790, Play Therapy (1)
CGPS 793, Human Sexuality (3) CGPS 793, Human Sexuality (3)
PSYC 793, Psyc of Gender (2) PSYC 793, Psyc of Gender (2)