Each school may nominate one high school student with junior or senior status.

   Student may win this award only once

   Nominee must have completed, with a C or better, a chemistry or physics course or be 
   currently enrolled in chemistry or physics and earning at least a C grade.

   Nominee must be in the top l/3 or their class (based on GPA ranking)

   Nominee must plan to attend the regional science fair during the year nominated and must
   present a project in their school's local science fair.
     (1)    If the nominee's project earns a 'traveling' position at his or her local fair, they will
              attend the regional fair as would any local winner.

     (2)    If the nominee's project is not selected for a 'traveling' position at their local fair, they
             should accompany their classmates to the regional fair but will not be allowed to enter
             their project.  They will be recognized with all other nominees at the evening awards

 Nominee must complete a Nominee Information Form

  Two letters of nomination, one form the student's science teacher; the other from the high
  school principal are required.  Letters should attempt to evaluate the student in any or all of
  the following areas citing specific examples where possible:

            honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, positive peer role modeling, concern for
            others, service to others, volunteerism outside of school, academics, skills in
            scientific inquiry (i.e., asking' good' questions, proper planning, organization,
            hypothesis identification, data collection, professionalism, critical thinking,
            problem solving, oral and written communications, summaries and conclusions),
            participation in extra-curricular activities (scouting, 4H, FFA, drama,
            performing arts, church activities, community activities, service projects, 
            athletics, etc), working with others as a team.

  The recipient of this award shall be determined by a subjective review of all materials by a
  committee of NU faculty including Dr. Rehfeld whenever possible.


The nominating teacher must send the two letters of nomination and the student's Nominee Information Form in a single envelope no later than March 1st  to:
     The Dwayne Rehfeld Award for Excellence in Service and Science
     NSU - Math and Science
     c/o Linda Richards
    1200 South Jay Street
    Aberdeen, SD  57401

. ***Nomination Deadline:  Must be postmarked no later than March 1st***