Well Iím a traveling man, Iíve made a lot of stopsÖ

In order to compete with some of my colleaguesí web pages, I thought it necessary to post some picture of the places I have been recently.  Youíll find in these pictures that I have been a traveling fool recently and that I am a lousy photographer. 


Wila Cather Home (or, The Greatest Story Ever Hulaed)

Summer 2002 while on my way to read AP Government exams in Lincoln, NE, I stopped off in Red Cloud, NE and saw the Wila Cather Historical Site.  I am a big Cather fan and thought I should make the pilgrimage at some point. 


Washington, DC (or, Apocalypse Wow!)

I made two trips to Washington in the summer of 2002, once to read grants for the Dept. of Education and once on a grant that I received with my colleague Ken Blanchard.  Unfortunately that meant Ken came with, but it was fun anyhow. 


Deep in the Heart of Texas (or The Wackiest Covered Wagon in the West)

I took a little trip to Texas this summer.  I wonder why I keep going to these places in the summer?  Itís ok.  Iím over the heat stroke now. 


Rocky Mountain High (or Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun)

I have read AP Government tests the past three summers.  This summer we were in Ft. Collins, CO at Colorado State University.  I have my MA from University of Wyoming and spent my summers in Estes Park, CO while going to school at UW.  Thus I am roughly familiar with the area.  Luckily my buddy Will Jordan was there also and his parents live in the area.  So we had access to a car.  Will, Scott Yenor, and I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park one day after reading.  It was a fantastic trip where we viewed the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and discussed the sleep depriving constipation we were experiencing from the awful CSU food service. 


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