Professor Jon D. Schaff: Man About Town!

Below you’ll find the text of some talks I’ve given on campus and around town.  You’ll want to note a few things.  First, these are talks, not papers.  They are intended to be listened to, not read.  So as you read them, read in that spirit.  You’ll also notice that some ideas and quotes find their way into multiple talks.  Sorry, I am not a creative genius.  Sometimes I have to recycle some ideas.  Lastly, you might read something and say, “Hey, didn’t he steal that idea from so-and-so?”  Yes, I probably did.  As these are talks, not papers, I don’t always cite where I get my ideas so as to make the talk more listenable.  And again, I have few original thoughts.  All the good ones are stolen.  This said, you might find these interesting.

My favorite talk I have given was presented at the first installment of our local Theology on Tap, a lecture series popular in Catholic circles.  It represents the proper mixture of serious discussion on important topics with good beer.  Mmmmm, beer.  I spoke on the subject of love, which just goes to show that those who can’t do, teach.  I am teaching a class in Spring 2004 on the subject of Love and Friendship which is based on this talk:

Love in the Age of Hooking Up

I wrote a bit in our student newspaper on the same subject after that paper had put out an issue with a condom attached the day before Valentine’s Day.  That turned out to be a coincidence, but nonetheless I found it revealing.  This formed the basis of the Theology on Tap talk.

What’s Eros Got to do With It? 

The good people of our Newman Club asked me to speak at an Advent retreat for Advent 2002.  I put together some half-baked ideas on “What is the meaning of Advent?”  The Newman kids are really sweet and only through very soft tomatoes.

What Perry Como Can Teach Us About Advent 

Crazy Art Marmorstein asked me to speak at the annual induction ceremony for Phi Eta Sigma, the Freshman Honors Society.  I took advantage of the opportunity to bore some of these students once again.  Actual snoring could be heard from the back of the room, and that was just Art. Imagine how bored those students were. 

Veritas Splendor 

I have spoke three times to our campus chapter of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, another great bunch of young people. 

God and Terrorism 

The Intolerance of Tolerance

The Christian in the University

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