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Dr. Jodie Ramsay
Jodie Ramsay
Associate Professor of Biology
Northern State University
MJ 236
Phone:  605-626-3384
Fax:  605-626-3364
Email me at:  ramsayj@northern.edu


Ph.D. in Biology, University of South Dakota, August, 2002
M.S. in Botany, North Dakota State University, Dec., 1995
B.S. in Biological Sciences, North Dakota State University, May 1992

Courses taught:

Plant Systematics
Plant Structure and Function
Environmental Science and Conservation

General Biology I and II (Biology 151 and 153)


I am also the director of both the Rising Scholar Program and the Regional Science Fair. 

Research interests:

My dissertation research was focused on desiccation tolerance of pea seed embryos.  Some seeds (peas, corn, etc.) are known as orthodox seeds, meaning they can tolerate extremely low amounts of water, and can be stored for long periods of time.  Other seeds (tropical plants such as coffee etc.) are called recalcitrant seeds.  They cannot tolerate extremely dry conditions are often are not stored for more than a year or two.  I looked at changes in the cellular structure of germinating pea seeds as they are dried, to determine what sorts of events cause cellular damage from drying.  Seeds that are germinated for 12 to 18 hours can survive drying to very low moisture contents, while those that are germinated for 36 hours are damaged after very little drying.

I am also interested in orchid and ladyslipper culture and propagation. 

 Member of American Society of Plant Biologists - ASPB


Jodie L. Ramsay.  2005.  Landscaping Habitat for Humanity Homes:  A Community Outreach Project (Abstract).  Proceedings of the American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.  Page 318.

Richard Faflak and Jodie Ramsay.  2004.  Dust Fraction in Catchment Sediments, Prairie Pothole Region, South Dakota (Abstract).  Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science 83:25

Jodie L. Ramsay.  2004.  Book review for “A Learning Paradigm College”.  On Teaching and Learning:  The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning Newsletter, 18(2):4-6.

Refereed publications:

Jodie L. Ramsay, Donald S. Galitz, and Chiwon W. Lee.  2003.  Basal Medium and Sucrose Concentration Influence Regeneration of Easter Lily in Ovary Culture.  HortScience 38:404-406.

Karen L. Koster, Nicole Reisdorph, and Jodie L. Ramsay. 2003.  Changing desiccation tolerance of pea embryo protoplasts during germination.  Journal of Experimental Botany 54(387):1-8. 

Jodie L. Ramsay and Karen L. Koster.  2002.  A Comparison of Anhydrous Fixation Methods for the Observation of Pea Embryonic Axes (Pisum sativum L. cv. Alaska).  Seed Science Research 12(2):83-90. 


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