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Earth Science Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Title: Twister!
Developed by: Kris Sparling
Subject Area: Earth Science
Topic: Tornados
Grade Level: 8th Grade
Time Frame:

# of Class Periods: 4

Time: 80 minute block

Lesson Summary: Students will examine different facts about tornados through an exploration activity.  The students will gather an understanding about tornado formation, and how tornados are studied.
Prerequisites: Students should have a general knowledge of weather conditions and patterns.
  • 8.E.1.3. Students are able to explain the factors that create weather and the instruments and technologies that assess it.
  • 8.S.1.1. Students are able to describe how science and technology have been influenced by social needs, attitudes, and values.
Lesson Objectives:
  • Students will know the different characteristics of a tornado.
  • Students will understand how scientists study and forecast tornados.
  • Students will apply their knowledge of tornado formation to predict whether a tornado could form based on certain weather conditions.
Assessment: Quiz, presentation, and a tornado formation model.
Technology to be Used: Computers
Other Materials: Clay, website lists, permission slips, and rubric handouts.
Procedural Activities:

Day 1

  • The students will do an exploration activity.  They will use computers to explore the website  The students will look at parts 1 & 3-6.  (20 min.)
  • Lecture will cover a quick review of the facts they discovered in the exploration activity.  The lecture will cover the factors that form a tornado.  (20 min.)
  • The students will be divided into groups with three people in a group.  A list of specific websites will be given to each group.  The group will then view these websites.  They will make a small presentation about the information contained in their websites.  (40 min.) (Interpersonal)

Day 2

  • The students will present their presentations to the class.  (30 min.) (Verbal-Linguistic)
  • In their groups, the students will make their own tornado formation model out of colored clay.  The groups will receive a rubric on the requirements and scoring of their model.  (40 min.) (Visual-Spatial)
  • A review/answer time will close the class.  (10 min.)

Day 3

  • A field trip to the local weather service station to see how they forecast and study tornados.  (Naturalist)

Day 4

  • A quiz will be given at the beginning of class.  (30 min.)
  • The students will be given time to write a reflection in their class journal.  (10 min.) (Intrapersonal)
  • Groups will present their models to the class, and give a brief explanation of their model.  (30 min.)
  • Lesson Closure.  (10 min.)
Attachments: Rubric: Tornado Formation Model                      Tornado Quiz


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