The Thank in Thanksgiving

Lesson Plan Title:

 The Thank in Thanksgiving

Developed by:

 Tena Westling

Subject Area:

 Social Studies


 Learning about the first Thanksgiving in several different ways

Grade Level:

 2nd Grade

Time Frame:

 1 hour on the Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday before Thanksgiving

1 hour to follow up after the holiday

Lesson Summary:

 This lesson was developed to help students understand the history of the Thanksgiving holiday in several ways. Through interpersonal, visual, bodily, naturalist, and intrapersonal activities the children will grasp a better understanding of this holiday.




v     2.US.1.2. Students are able to compare features of modern-day living (food, shelter, clothing, transportation) to those of the past.

v     2.US.2.1. Students are able to compare ways different cultures shared traditions.

Lesson Objectives:

 Students will learn how the Thanksgiving holiday has changed throughout the years. They will become aware of different traditions in each of their classmates families.


 I will have the students write a short paragraph on their knowledge of the first Thanksgiving prior to the lesson. I will record class discussion participation, skit performances, and give a quiz at the end of the lesson. I will also have the students write another paragraph after the Thanksgiving holiday to see if they took note of any of their own families traditions.

Technology to be Used:

 VCR, computer, video recorder, digital camera

Other Materials:

 Poster paper, markers, notebooks

Procedural Activities:

v     Watch “The Mouse and the Mayflower” (Visual-Spatial)

v     Journal thoughts on living during the time of the first Thanksgiving( Intrapersonal)

v     Assign roles and act out the first Thanksgiving (Bodily-Kinesthetic)

v     Divide into groups and brainstorm family Thanksgiving traditions ( Interpersonal)

v     As a class, brainstorm different foods involved in the first Thanksgiving and how they were grown then and how they are grown now (Naturalist)


 Handwriting paper, Thanksgiving quiz, helpful links