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Solar System Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Title:  Understanding and Creating a Solar System
Developed by: Jenna Fischer
Subject Area: Science
Topic: Solar System
Grade Level: Fifth Grade
Time Frame: Two class periods
Lesson Summary:  -Students will know the relative size of all the planets.  They will know the order of the planets and their distance from the sun.

-Students will create a solar system model showing their knowledge of the planets sizes, order, and distance from the sun.

-Students will verbally explain their project to other classes who come to see our projects.


Students will have studied the size, order and distance from the sun for each planet.   

Standards:  Fifth Grade Science Standards:

                                    Indicator 2: Analyze essential principles and ideas about the

                                    composition and structure of the universe.

5.E.2.1. Students are able to describe the components of (Sun, planets, and moons) of the solar system.

            ● Relative Size

            ● Order and relative distance from the Sun and each other

-Describe the relative scale of the Earth to the Sun, planets, and the moon.

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Assessment:  Completed solar system model
Technology to be Used:  Internet if the child needs it to find information about planets.
Other Materials:  Different sizes of Styrofoam balls.  Paint, markers, cardboard, and pipe cleaners.
Procedural Activities: 1. Review the size, order, and distance of the planets.

2. Talk about what the solar system looks like.  Have students talk about what they found in their book and their internet search about the planets. (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence)

3. Give each student the materials needed to make their model and let them work on their own. (Intrapersonal and Visual-Spatial Intelligence)

4. Each student will explain their solar system and how the solar system works to other children. (Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence)

5. Children will get into groups and discuss how they made their model and what they learned from the project. (Interpersonal Intelligence)

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