Lesson Plan Title: Orienteering
Developed by: Jamie Andersh
Subject Area: Physical
Topic: Orienteering
Grade Level: 11th - 12th
Time Frame: 4 days, 50 minutes classes
Lesson Summary: The purpose of this lesson is to give the knowledge to the students so they can understand how to read a map properly and be able to use a compass
Prerequisites: None
Standards: Physical Education 11th -12th

Standard 1

Indicator 1: Students will model complex locomotor movements.

Indicator 2: Nonlocomotor Skills

Lesson Objectives: -The students will understand how to use a compass.

- The students will understand how to read a map.

Assessment: - Vocabulary test

- Map/Compass test

Technology to be Used: -GPS system
Other Materials:



-GPS system

Procedural Activities: Each day review what we went over the day before, ask questions, talk about how this could be useful in life. Also, have the students write in their journals and reflect on their experiences about this subjects and how they could use it in their life.( Verbal-Linguistic, Intrapersonal)

Day 1

Map Reading: In this class the students will learn how to read a topographic map. We will go over about the different colors on the map, the map scale, directions, elevation features, terrain features, and other important map features. ( Visual-Spatial, Verbal-Linguistic) 

Day 2

Compass: In this class the students will learn about the different parts of a compass. The parts of the compass that will we go over will be: base plate, Compass housing, Orienting arrow, magnetic needle. The students will also learn how to shoot an azimuth with the compass. Also, the students will get to use a GPS system.   ( Visual-Spatial, Verbal-Linguistic)   

Day 3

Outside Activity: Put the students into groups with a map and a compass, have them use both pieces of equipment to get through a course. (Naturalist, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal)

Day 4

Testing: The students will be tested over the compass and the map. (Logical-Mathematical)