Variable Expressions Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Title: Variable Expressions Lesson Plan
Developed by: Kacie Miller
Subject Area: Algebra
Topic: Variable Expressions: Simplifying Variable Expressions
Grade Level: 9th grade
Time Frame: 50 minutes (about one class period)
Lesson Summary: This lesson is to teach students a better understanding of variable expressions, and how to simplify them.
Prerequisites: Students will need to be familiar with real numbers, integers, rational numbers, and order of operations. Learning the Order of Operations-Verbal Linguistic
Standards: South Dakota Mathematics Standards
Lesson Objectives: Students will learn:
  • properties of the real numbers
  • simplify variable expressions using the Properties of Addition
  • simplify variable expressions using the Properties of Multiplication
  • simplify variable expressions using the Distributive Property
  • simplify general variable expressions
Assessment: Homework Problems-Logical-Mathematical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal
Technology to be Used: Beginning Algebra with Applications-Copyright 2004-Verbal Linguistic
  • Richard N. Aufmann, Palomar College, California
  • Vernon C. Barker, Palomar College, California
  • Joanne S. Lockwood, Plymouth State College, New Hampshire
Other Materials: NA
Procedural Activities: Lecture
Attachments: NA