Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title: 1-2-Learn to Tie Shoes
Developed by: Jessica Staab
Subject Area: Independent Skills
Topic: Tying shoes
Grade Level: Elementary Special Education (K-6)
Time Frame: 10 minutes, 5 days
Lesson Summary: This lesson is designed to help give students the confidence to be independent in tying their own shoes.
Prerequisites: The children need no previous knowledge of tying.
Standards: see standards
Lesson Objectives: objectives
Assessment: Assessment
Technology to be Used: none
Other Materials: plush box (with shoe string section, easy and tactile way to learn how to tie shoes shoes ), Tape" I can tie my shoes", book "Red Lace, Yellow Lace: Learn to Tie Your Shoes", their own shoes with shoestrings.
Procedural Activities: Activities
Attachments: Attachment Form (Assessment)